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Legal Representation for Individuals, Small Business, and Innovators.

Areas of Practice


Getting Started/Incorporation

The startup and small business marketplace is a perennially new and fierce frontier that requires legal advice from an attorney who is immersed in practice for emerging companies. Linch Legal will assess your needs and develop a comprehensive plan to ensure that your vision is on solid footing and your business has the correct structure and agreements in place to enable your business to grow and not be hindered by legal pitfalls. Our firm takes a holistic approach, so your company can gain the best competitive advantage


Sometimes things don’t always work out the way they are supposed to. Occasionally in business, that means some form of dispute resolution. It requires finesse, strategic thinking, and in many ways, empathy. A zealous advocate can mean the life and death of your business. We are here to help navigate the dangers and pitfalls of disputes and help you achieve the best result at the end of the day.


Need an array of ongoing services that doesn’t fit neatly into one box? Not a problem! We can tailor flat-rate plans that fit your needs, smooth legal expenses for your business, and encourages owners to pick up the phone if they have a legal question, or need a contract reviewed or drafted without having to worry about running up billable hours.


Businesses of all sizes and types require proper compliance with laws and regulations—it’s a fact of life. It is not always forthcoming how to actually do that from a practical matter. We are here to cut through the legal jargon and byzantine regulations and deliver to you straightforward solutions so that you can rest assured that your organization is fully-compliant and protected from government intervention.


Contracts are an everyday part of doing business—and they have to be right every time. We like contracts around here. Drafting them, negotiating them—it’s what we do. Attorney Linch has extensive experience drafting and reviewing contracts from simple, standard service agreements to complex financial instruments with enormous legal and financial consequences. We can draft and negotiate anything from standard contracts to the most complex, bespoke agreements for your business.


Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Linch Legal is a full-service law firm and, while the majority of our services are tailored toward business clients, we offer an array of other services for individual clients who need results in criminal matters, family legal matters, wills and trusts, and a variety of other areas. We can create solutions to help you get where you need to go. Let’s talk!